How to Use the Shopify iPad POS App

Interested in using the Shopify iPad POS application? Read this article and find out what you need and how to use the app!

The Shopify iPad POS application is an excellent solution for any online seller wishing to move their business up to the next level. One of the things online sellers love about this app is how easy the app is to use. You have all the necessary features to run both an online and offline store.

For you to get up and run your own store, there are some things you need to do in the following link we will give you more information on how the Shopify iPad POS application works: shopify.com/pos/retail

  • A Shopify store with all of your items set up: This is the first thing you need to do. Create your own Shopify store and add all of the items you want to sell. This is a pretty lengthy job, but if you already have a Shopify store, you can just add your items and start.
  • An iPad: By using your iPad device, you can process customer orders and email the receipt directly to their email. You can also use your iPhone.
  • An iOs application: You need to download the Shopify POS application from the App Store.
  • Hardware: If you want to speed up and improve the checkout process, you can purchase cash drawer and barcode scanner (the hardware equipment is optional).
  • Card reader: If you work and sell in the US and Canada, you will need a card reader.
  • Autojack card reader: In North America, you can use the auto jack card reader. This reader plugs into the iPad audio jack and helps you take payments in the Shopify POS app.

The Shopify iPad POS application used to only be free for 14 days and now is free for all Shopify sellers. You can find more information about this on the official Shopify website.

Shopify iPad POS App

When it comes to taking card payments, in Canada and in the US, you can use the auto jack card reader to take card payments directly via the app. Outside of those countries, you will probably need a separate PDQ machine to process credit card payments.

You need to link your store. Sign in your account, add the URL of your Shopify store, the email, and the password. Shopify will import everything from your store into the iPad application. Once everything is done and all of your items are imported (the process shouldn’t take long) you will get a notification that your store is ready to accept payments. Click “Get Started” and access your store.

The Products tab will one of the first things you notice. Here, all of the orders you receive are processed. You will see an icon with three blue lines (the icon is located on the top-left side). If you click on this icon, a sidebar will open, revealing all the different tabs available in the application.

The Orders tab is where all orders are stored (past and current orders). Here, you have a detailed record of all the sales you have made. If you have just created your Shopify store, there will be no orders.

The Settings tab has 5 different sections. The first one is “General” and allows you to select preferences for your store such as whether the screen should lock after a period of inactivity and personalization of receipts. The second tab is “Hardware” and this is a place where you can configure all the machines that work alongside the application to create your physical store. The “Payments” section is where you decide what kinds of payments you will accept.