Facts about Shopify That Makes It Great E-commerce Software

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The term e-commerce software should make perfect sense to you if you want to venture in online business. For those who don’t know it, e-commerce software is where you open your online store. Consider it the building that houses your online business. With that said, you already have in mind what a good e-commerce software should be able to do for you. There are different e-commerce software that you can choose from depending on what you want. However, Shopify is still preferred by many new online businesses because;

  • It is user-friendly

From signing up to installing Shopify, the whole process of setting up your account is easy. The platform itself is easy to navigate; hence you have an easy time of getting started. Shopify can also be integrated with other third-party software and hardware, and the process of linking it to compatible third-party plug-ins is seamless as well.

  • Helps you to run your business

The primary purpose of management is to record keeping and making sure that everything is well done. Shopify can help you manage different activities in your online store. However, you should know that you will need to install other apps available in Shopify to build a reliable management system. The various applications are responsible for handling different tasks.

  • They have a credit card reader

Making payments is way too complicated these days. To compete favorably especially when you are new in business, you need to curb the complexity. Shopify, on the other hand, gives you an opportunity to receive payments through credit cards quickly. It means that your account can process payments using particular chip technology. The built-in technology for the card reader makes it secure and efficient for both sides.

  • They are available in almost every country

If you intend to take your online business global, then you will find an advantage with Shopify. Since Shopify has their services available in nearly every country, you will find it easy to do business with customers far and wide. Things like delivery can also be taken care of thanks to the helpful apps that you can install and use with Shopify.


A good e-commerce platform is one that makes everything simple. A good platform should make sure that it is in control of every activity taking place on your online business. From social media to online orders, you need to be able to monitor every activity. Shopify keeps you on top of everything, and that is why it is the first choice of many.

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