Four Shopify Apps Recommended For New Online Shop

online shop operating

When setting up your online shop, there are certain things that you need to have prior before allowing your online shop to go live. You need to know that with Shopify, you can practically set up your shop and sell for free without investing any money. To enjoy such advantages, you will need to install certain Shopify apps. Note that these apps are part of your management system and they help you handle different aspects of your online business. Some of the most recommended Shopify apps for newbies include;

  • Oberlo

Oberlo is a drop shipping app that allows for delivery of items directly from the manufacturer. The most significant advantage of this app is that it will enable you to open your online shop even if you don’t have stock. Oberlo gives you time to focus on marketing your online store while preparing to bring in your inventory. This dropshipping up is easy to use and can help you get your business going.

  • Sales pop

This app pops up whenever you have made a sale. It gives your customers social proof that people are buying from your online store. Sales pop app is right for your new online shop because it motivates your customers to buy. It also helps your customers to know which products from your site are best-selling and the time duration between consecutive sales.

  • Free, persistent cart app

This app allows your customers to retain their cart whenever they log in. At times, you may find someone filling up their cart but does not buy. Some people prefer filling carts using their smart device and finish the buying process through their computers. The free, persistent cart app will help you to deal with such customers. It will also allow your customers to have access to their carts even when they log in using other devices.

  • Free shipping bar

Typically, customers want to know the shipping details of items before they can order. The free shipping bar allows you to display shipping details for your products. Online shoppers like it when they can find all the relevant information about a product at once when they want to shop.


To get your online shop operating, you may need to start slow to learn more about your business environment. Shopify has been preferred for new online businesses as it is known to favor online shops that are starting up.